Words To Live By

If I won't eat it, why would you?

Chef Kyle Weir



Cleburne, TX

As a human in today’s world you only need three things to survive: food, shelter, and clothing. Beyond mere survival, is happiness; I find my happiness in a kitchen, creating meals that can be enjoyed by all.  Being proficient in the arts of the culinary world is a blessing, nay…..I say, a gift.  A nice home cooked meal with friends and loved ones is something I have always found to be a pleasure, but more than that; an opportunity to express myself. Modern, casual, fancy, or a feast outing, every time I get behind my knives I feel at home. I love teaching and impressing. I stand behind my grill with the passion of a Texan and a hint of that Memphis bbq. A smile says a thousand words, but I wanna hear yours.  So please, dig in!

Signature Dish

Grilled Trout

Seasoned trout medallion style sliced,fresh lime juice sprits, served with a pinched lime vinaigrette arugula salad



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