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Hosts FAQ
  • What is Savor The Passion?

    • We are a collection of Professional Chefs and talented line-cooks ​that have made the decision to take control of their lives to be able to share their passion with you and provide a better life for their families.

  • How much does hiring a Personal Chef cost?

    • All our serviced are priced using a tier system with costs starting as low as $300!  For more information visit our pricing page HERE!

  • How are your Chefs chosen?

    • All our Chefs and Talented cooks start out by giving us basic information like their name, location, specialty.  We continue our selection process with a comprehensive background check.

  • What are you doing to ensure the safety of my guests and myself?​

    • All our Chefs go through a thorough background check including a 7-yr background check and an 11-point drug screen to ensure the person we are sending into your home is a stand-up individual ​and clear-minded.  We also require all of our Chefs to have insurance coverage, and a valid Food- handlers certificate.

  • What are the steps in order for me to have my in-home event catered by a passionate Chef?

    1. The first step is to have you input some information about yourself and your event here. 

    2. After which time we will give you your options of Chefs available that day in your area and put you two in contact with each other to cover the details. 

    3. Your Chef will give you a quote. Once you agree we send you an invoice for 50% of the total price; the other 50% due upon completion. 

    4. Please ensure the invoice comes from our branded email account or else we can't guarantee anything should anything go against the script however unlikely that may be.

  • Do you have virtual gift cards available?

    • Unfortunately, at this time we do not. That being said, if you want to send a Chef to their doorstep and know the dinner you want to send we are available for pre-pay!

  • My group has some dietary restrictions; can your Chefs help us?​

    • Though all of our Chefs are capable of assisting you with most dietary restrictions it will be up to the Chef to decide what restrictions they wish to accommodate.

  • The Chef is already in the kitchen, would they be willing to also teach us while they're cooking?​

    • While we can speak for all the Chefs generally speaking we are more than happy to walk any one through how to make our dishes.  If your party is really interested you should ask about a party package or having your Chef put on a cooking demonstration.

  • Do you have any options for guests we refer to you?

    • We love referrals.  Any guest referred from a past dinner with us are also eligible to 10% off a party ​scheduled and paid for within 14 days of the party they attended.

  • How should I tip my Personal Chef?

    • As always, tipping isn't a requirement, but it's always appreciated.  If you feel like your Chef did an outstanding job 30% is a great way to show appreciation to your Chef.