The Requirements to be a Chef Pt.1

Being a Chef requires many different skill sets. Every Wednesday we will be covering the key skills of a Chef and how they help a person make the leap from being a person that can barely make mac & cheese in a box to becoming the personification of Chef.

First I'm going to ask a favor. When you're done reading this make sure to comment at the bottom. If you think I don't know what I'm talking about say so, heck share it with your friends and say "look at this guy calling himself a Chef, he has no idea what he's talking about." If you agree let me know, share it with your friends, you know how we like to see that other Chefs see the world similar to ourselves, get a good laugh out of it.

We start with what I believe many would agree is the most important quality of a Chef: Passion. Passion does a great many things. Passion is what gets you in the kitchen. It's what keeps you in after months of cutting your knuckles on your knife. Its what keeps you cooking away when its 143° in the kitchen, you're 6hrs into your shift and you're pouring sweat from places you didn't realize you could sweat from.

You can always tell the passionate ones from the ones that are just there for the pay check. Every industry has the people that just go through the motions and don't put any real emotion into their work. You know the one; they're usually late, they don't perform nearly as well as the rest of the team, and they always seem to be the ones holding the team back. In the kitchen the passionate ones are the ones that put their team on their back; the ones that help the stations around them stay out of the weeds.

With passion there is only one option when it comes to performance: greatness.

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Stay Passionate!

Written by Commis Chef Chris Founder of Digest The Passion

Chef Chris Martin is a 14 year Culinary arts professional starting from the age of 16.

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