Top 3 things you must consider when choosing a Personal Chef for your dinner party.

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Whether you're looking to celebrate your birthday, an anniversary or simply want solidify your position in your friend circle there are several aspects you need to keep in mind to ensure you will have a high-quality experience. This is the top 3 things you must consider when choosing a Personal Chef for your dinner party.


One of the more obvious traits to keep in mind while choosing the Chef for your evening is their experience. First off, have they ever cooked for an event like this before? I wouldn't be too worried if they haven't provided they have enough experience. Personally, I refused to accept the title of Chef until I'd been cooking for 12 years and having countless people call me one before then. A red flag that does show their experience pretty clearly is if your "Chef" doesn't ask you if there are any allergies that they should be aware of. I wouldn't write them off right away if they don't ask; I would even give them multiple opportunities to ask with statements like "is there anything else you need to know?" If they're building a menu from scratch just for you they may just be excited to cook for you (obviously a great thing) so I'd keep going, but if they're asking for payment and still haven't asked for allergies they should be aware of that's a huge red flag regardless of whether or not there are any allergies.


At first glance this might seem pretty obvious. If your Chef isn't available then it should be quite apparent that they won't be available to you. Understand, this should be true. The big red flag here is if your Chef says they already have an event that day, but could do yours instead and I would even argue; if they were to suggest they can cook for both of your parties the same day that is still a concern. The first option suggests they're willing to scorn another client in order to appease you; likely meaning they're willing to do it for the money, so I ask why would they not do the same to you? This has been a genuine concern of ours as we've been building our platform. Our solution? A policy making the Chef responsible for a percentage above the deposit they've received thus deterring any Chef from such a practice. The next concern is a Chef saying that they're available to cook for multiple events in the same day. We're not saying its impossible, but we are saying to be wary as they will likely be sacrificing quality on both events that day just to be able to cook for both. Unfortunately, we are not yet prepared to solve that problem, but suffice to say, our mission to Make ordering a Chef as easy as a pizza is targeting that very problem.


The final consideration that must be made is, what is you Chef's specialty? Their specialty changes a lot of factors. Most of us are pretty flexible, but it's definitely best to work within their area of strength which might not be compatible with your preference or much more important, the allergies. A lot of our clients are tempted to choose a menu mainly to appease them. If you have a guest of honor in a tight group of friends may we suggest you make their tastes the focus; trust us, its worth skipping the awkward "oh, that's what you picked?!" comments. The way we see it there are three great ways to begin the menu building process. 1) Tell your Chef to go wild giving them a budget and a number of courses you want to see 2) Our Founders favorite choice: share with them the "must have" items to give your Chef some inspiration to work with. 3) Finally, another great option is to simply share your ideal menu with them and ask them how they feel about executing it. NOTE: Your Chef should be allowed to be creative with your menu to allot them to put their own flavor and execution on it to ensure the best possible product.

So there you have it; this has been our Top 3 things you must consider when choosing a Personal Chef for your dinner party. Keep an eye on their Experience, Availability & Specialty and you should be good to go.

If you have ever had an experience with a Personal Chef leave a comment below to tell us a bit about your experience; what you wish you knew, what you're glad you asked.

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